Welcome to CSAE

I am glad to have you visiting our website.

At Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Empowerment, we are committed to changing lives of our people for better through empowerment programmes. We recognized long ago the importance and indispensable role that full bred Agricultural education, training and empowerment plays in our individual, community and national development. Our team is prepared to be the ladder that our people can climb to success and sustainability.

In doing this, we commenced operations as an education institution in August 2016 offering Advanced Level coaching classes, Professional Management Trainings and Agricultural Trainings. In 2017 we admitted and matriculated our first Agribusiness Management Diploma students(2years programme), we had the second set in 2018. In 2019, we obtained our NGO certificate for CSAE.

CSAE had made contributions in exposing and training farmers, students, civil servants, women, Youths and unemployed graduates in different areas of sustainable agriculture.Some of our programmes include Crops production, Mushroom production, Fisheries, Rabbits and Poultry production, General Agribusiness Management among others.We focus our empowerment programmes on making Agribusiness a sustainable and profitable venture.

We have formidable, experienced and committed faculty members working to make difference in the lives of our clients and trainees.

Together we can improve the living standard of Nigerians by providing enough food, agribusiness opportunities, enhanced living standard and inclusive prosperity through relevant training and evidence based policy advocacy.

Please join us to achieve these goals.

Ade Lawal
Board of Trustees CSAE